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Tag: Investment

Out of the total number of companies surveyed, 72% of them learnt about the investment opportunities in BiH by conducting an internal analysis; 16% of the respondents received the information from another investor who had already invested in BiH, while 12% of investors got the information through the embassies/trade missions and business contacts, and 9% […]

Total Investments Since the beginning of its business operations in BiH, 46% of the surveyed FIC members invested amount between 1 and 100 million (BAM), 20% invested amount between 50 thousand and 1

The FIC members mostly invest in BiH because of its geographic and strategic position, the domestic market potentials, the available resources and logistics, and the experience and tradition BiH has i

Reinvesting Plans for the Upcoming Three Years The results show that 70% of the respondents opted for reinvestment in BiH over the next three years, while only 30% decided not to reinvest. No company has any plans to withdraw the investment. As reasons for not reinvesting, companies have stated that their priority is return of […]
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