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Reinvesting Plans for the Upcoming Three Years

The results show that 70% of the respondents opted for reinvestment in BiH over the next three years, while only 30% decided not to reinvest. No company has any plans to withdraw the investment. As reasons for not reinvesting, companies have stated that their priority is return of existing investments. Other reasons included poor support of local authorities and their resistance to new investments.


Value of Planned Investments over the Next Three Years

Among the companies planning to reinvest over the next three years, 44% intend to invest between 1 and 10 million (BAM), 35% have plans to make an investment amounting between 10 and 50 million (BAM), while 17% of the surveyed companies made plans to invest between 100 thousand and 1 million (BAM). Only 4% plan to invest less than 100 thousand (BAM) over the next three years.



Planned Number of Net Additional Employees over the Next Three Years

63% of the companies planning to make new investments over the next three years also intend to hire additional workforce. Out of the aforementioned 63%, 38% are planning to employ between 10 and 50 employees, 26% plan to employ between 50 and 100 employees, while 5% plan to employ over 100 additional employees.



Reasons for Reinvesting

Among the companies that decided to reinvest, 63% will invest in expanding their business, 60% in increasing the quality of their products or services and improving productivity, while others, in a share of 47%, intend to invest in the expansion of their business through the introduction of new business operations, and 47% will invest in replacement/modernization of the existing assets.


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