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About Barometer

The second “FIC Business Barometer” report is a milestone activity pursued by the FIC and implemented in cooperation with the MarketMakers Project, as part of the Swiss Government’s contribution to the tran- sition of BiH towards a socially inclusive market economy. The first ‘FIC Business Barometer’ report was developed in 2015, as a pilot activity aimed at gaining better insight into the level of the investors’ overall satisfaction with the business environment, reinvesting prospects and new employment opportunities in BiH. The data presented in FIC Business Barometer will be updated regularly on an annual basis.

This Survey resulted in aggregated FIC membership statistics, which was collected and subsequently pre- sented. Furthermore, the Survey results were summarized and uploaded to the FIC Homepage Business Barometer –, and they will be used to improve the investors’ position and their requests towards BiH institutions, with the aim of improving the regulatory framework, the e iciency of state administration and political decisions, for the purpose of strengthening the position of the current investments and encouraging new ones. We hope that the Survey results will demonstrate to the new governments how much BiH would benefit in terms of new capital and job creation, had it consistently implemented the economic reforms.

About the MarketMakers Project

The MarketMakers Project is part of the Swiss Government’s contribution to the transition of BiH towards a socially inclusive market economy and a decentralised, democratic political system, with the long-term perspective of European integration.

The Swiss Government has assigned the implementation of MarketMakers to a consortium consisting of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation and Kolektiv Ltd. (, combining international development expertise and experience with the context-specific knowledge of a national partner. MarketMakers stimu- lates private sector growth in selected markets leading to the creation of new job opportunities for young women and men.

The Project has an overall duration of eight-and-a-half years, and the goal is to contribute to improved access to gainful and decent job opportunities for young people.


The Business Barometer Survey on the needs of foreign investors in BiH, from the perspective of improv- ing business environment, was carried out using an online survey instrument. The questionnaire was completed by the member companies of the FIC in BiH, with the aim of o ering recommendations to the relevant institutions at the state, entity, and local levels on removing the major obstacles faced by inves- tors, including the improvement of the existing legislation governing this area. The questions are related to members’ activities throughout 2017. The Survey was completed by 85% of our members. Conversely, not all foreign investors in BiH are members of the FIC. The data from the Survey is presented in charts and figures to facilitate easy visualization of the collected information. This Survey is also intended for various stakeholders in BiH to identify major impediments to growing investments in BiH. The Survey and this resulting report aim to influence the creation of more favourable economic and business climate for existing foreign investors in BiH in order to increase the likelihood of reinvestment, expanding operations, hiring additional workforce, and reducing unemployment.
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